Personalised Shoe/Hat/ Dress Biscuit Gift Box

  • £22.50

Sometimes we are in such a rush to get something for our friends, mums, aunties, grandmums for their Birthday! Why not choose this gorgeous biscuit box in cream-red- salmon pink? The box can be sent straight away to your recipient with a small gift note for no extra cost!

The box contains 6 biscuits,

a plaque with your message
a polka dot dress
a hat decorated with flowers
a shoe decorated with flower
a small heart biscuit
a small flower biscuit

The cookies come in a lovely white box with a gold shaded ribbon so you don`t need any extra gift wrapping!

The box size is: 178 x 128 x 32 mm

The shelf life of the biscuits is 2 months, once opened we recommend to consume them in 3 weeks.

If you would like the biscuits in a different colour you can choose that option and please let me know in a message what colour would you like.