Cute Zoo Animal Cookies / 10 cookies

  • £27.00

Cute zoo animal cookies, perfect for children's parties and events, the listing is for 10 biscuits.

Available in 6 shapes:

More types of animals to come! If you would like a different animal, just send me an email!

Now for the technical part:

The biscuits measures 8, 5 cm, they put individually in cellophane bags and sealed with an ingredients sticker.

For shipping, they are put in a sturdy box with lots of bubble wrap so they will arrive at your home in perfect conditions.

The shelf life of the biscuits is 2 months in original packaging. After opening, we recommend to keep them in an airtight container and enjoy them in 3 weeks.

Colours may include: E422, E1520, E551, E110, E124, E129, E133, E155, E102, E122, E153, E104, E159.